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Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning is very common. It is one of the most serious of all oral infections as it slowly destroys the bone around the tooth. It is the most easily prevented with the right care.

Teeth Cleaning are referred to the pink tissue that surrounds the teeth. when seen in cross-section it comprises of the gingiva and the bone.

The most important aspect in the understanding of teeth cleaning is the underlying bone (called alveolar bone).

Treatment of teeth cleaning differs widely and is not simple and straightforward. Teeth cleaning can be of varying severity and depending on the severity of the disease the treatment is prepared. The best treatment for teeth cleaning requires us to first evaluate the severity. The of severity of the teeth cleaning can only be assessed with the help of a Radiograph or an OPG. This shows us the amount of bone present. It is mostly due to the deposits in the teeth. At our mozhi dental we always prefer first line treatment and we proceed by complete explanation. We provide complete cure by deep cleaning of the gum and its root.

Teeth Cleaning Treatment Doctor at Tenkasi

Dr.Shrimathi at Mozhi dental clinic has treated and helped umpteen number of patients since then. She believes and does not follow the same treatment for everyone. She believes in very conservative management and believes in spending time and giving attention to very minute details. She will make you feel very comfortable. She constantly reads and attends national and international conferences to provide the latest in diagnosis. The patient oral care is kept at the highest of regard.

Types of periodontitis

Based on the amount of infection teeth cleaning is divided into:

  • Gingivitis
  • Chronic Periodontitis
  • Aggressive Periodontitis

The treatment of teeth cleaning firstly is aimed and stopping the spread of the infection and secondly to get back the lost gum tissue. The Alveolar bone lost by teeth cleaning is treated by Bone grafting procedures. There are a number of different Bone grafts available. The complete set is available at the Mozhi Dental. The latest grafts and surgical methods are used to stop bone loss and increase bone regenerations. Membranes are used extensively with or without Bone grafts. These Membranes allow for ideal environments for bone regenerations. Membranes are the most advanced and best ways to ensure. Each and every surgical procedures are carried out well by experienced and well trained periodontists with highly sophisticated equipment’s in a sterilized manner.

Teeth lost due to teeth cleaning

Teeth do not shake in early infections. The teeth start to shake only when the amount of bone is not adequate to hold the tooth firmly. The treatment of early gum infection is enough usually. If the situation demands then Bone grafts can be used. Along with Bone grafts Fibre splinting helps support and increase the life of the tooth. Teeth Cleaning when not controlled has direct impact on an individuals health.

Why scaling is done?

Scaling is done to remove calculus (or) tartar that may develop even with careful brushing and flossing. Scaling is a common non-surgical treatment for removal of infected deposits – tartar or calculus, from the tooth surface. These deposits if not removed, it may lead to development of periodontal disease. In periodontal disease, the pocket between the tooth and gum begins to deepen. This provides an environment for anaerobic bacteria to grow. The bacteria begin to multiply rapidly and infect more of the gum and start dissolving the bone supporting the tooth. This process will progressively result in tooth loss. In order to avoid this destructive process, tooth scaling is done initially to maintain the health of periodontal tissues. Gum care at mozhi dental is a very painless and a comfortable procedure followed by prescribing most effective oral rinse and toothpaste.

How scaling is done?

Scaling is usually done with the help of ultrasonic scalers. These scalers are designed with a hand piece to which a variety of tips can be attached depending on the need. The tip of the device vibrates at a very fast rate and removes the tartar and stains from the outer surface of the tooth. Every type of ultrasonic scalers are available at mozhi dental for scaling at different angulations which is present in and around the teeth.

Does scaling damage my teeth?

Many people commonly think that doing scaling will damage their teeth and usually they don’t prefer to do scaling. This kind of thoughts are completely a myth. Actually scaling improves the health of your periodontal tissues and prolongs the efficiency of your tooth. At mozhi dental after the treatment we clearly explain about proper brushing techniques and guide them to practice for it.

Home Treatment or maintenance

Home Treatment or maintenance is the most important aspect for preventing the recurrence gum infection. Home treatment requires the use of

  • Dental floss for early infections
  • Interdental brushes for severe gum infections or moderate infections
  • Oral irrigation devices

Also we always ask reviews after each procedures and provide perfect care at their home itself.